~ You Are Loved In Christ

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Welcome to the You Are Loved In Christ website! You Are Loved In Christ desires is focused on expanding biblical and theological knowledge, deepening awareness of God and self, integrating life experiences, and enhancing Christ-like spiritual practices, so that readers can demonstrate characteristics of Jesus in their daily lives.

At the heart of You Are Loved In Christ is a commitment to the spiritual formation of its readers. Blogs are written to combine rich scholarly content, formational activities, accountability, and fellowship. You Are Loved In Christ equips readers and participants through blog entries, radio, literature, documentaries, and discussion panels to develop habits of authentic disciplines that center on thinking and living in Christ’s presence. Each platform involves an intentionally designed spiritual formation dialogue, therefore cultivating spiritual disciplines as well as intentional holistic awareness.

The focus of our social media platforms, therefore, is to develop awareness, increase empathy and compassion skills, and build distinct spiritual practices that promote authentic Christian discipleship. You Are Loved In Christ provides opportunities to critically reflect on components of Christian faith, holistic living and effective leading and is designed to integrate spiritual formation and Christian practices for living and learning with authenticity.